Our Approach

GasAlarm India is where engineering and technology come together to create solutions, rather than just another products for the benefit of our valuable customers, driven by innovation, quality, timely delivery and onsite performance.

We are one of the fastest growing suppliers and integrators for products and solutions for “VEFSA”  & “VESDA” Very early fire and Smoke detection Alarm, pressure, Level, Gas detection, Temperature, flow, motion, Battery room monitoring  and other parameter for industrial & commercial process monitoring and control. We cater to all industry segments – real estate, pharmaceutical, automobile, mining, material handling, food processing, defence and others.

We bring state-of-the-art technology & control methods that adds value to customers through a combination of multiple high-end technologies for complete solutions. We have the competence and capability to integrate all products, systems and services. We also take product development projects as well as turnkey project installation and implementation, with commissioning, thus putting our feet into every stage of the project.

Also Focus On:

  • Critical Life Safety, Asset Safety, Asset Enhancement.
  • Process control instrumentation, process optimization most cost effective way.
  • Energy saving
  • Greenhouse gas saving.
  • Pollution & Environment control & monitoring (to keep world clean and safe)
  • Industrial and Building Automation for better information flow, control.
  • Service, calibration, maintenance for asset protection, improvement .

We takes pride in training to our customers, clients for effective use & operation of delivered system.